Guard Cabin

We do manufacture Security Guard Cabins in FRP in the following sizes


    • Length 06 Ft x Width 04 Ft x Height 07 Ft
    • Length 06 Ft x Width 05 Ft x Height 09 Ft
    • Length 7.25 Ft x Width 4.50 Ft x Height 07 Ft


Our Security Guard Cabins are manufactured in a Wall Thickness of 4.0 mm and are provided with Glass Panes along all the Sides of the Cabin at Split levels , one at the Eye contact level and the other at a height of 01 Ft above. Cabins are provided with a Tapered Roof.

Length wise Glass Panes at the Eye Contact Level are of Sliding and Lockable type while those in the Width wise Sections and all of them at the higher level are of Fixed Type.

A Working Counter along with a Chest of Drawers is provided within the Cabin and basic Electrical points of Supply are provided. Floor of the Cabin is reinforced with 19 mm thick Ply board and covered with an FRP Chequered Sheet. 01 No of FRP Entry Door along with Fittings is also provided.

Our Security Guard Cabins come in an aesthetic combination of highly appealing colours and are fairly good to look at.

As a matter of fact , these are maintenance free. In case of any accidental damage , these are easily repairable. Security Guard Cabins find an extensive applications in all such places where Security Guards are deployed both in Residential and Commercial Buildings. These can also be put to use as Ticketing Booths in Commercial Malls and Paid Parking Areas.