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Sanitization Tunnel


    Sanitizing Tunnel

     Manufacturers of 20 Plus Models of Premium Sanitization Tunnels Along with Automatic Thermometer and Contactless Sanitizer   , Installation free (Pan India) , Sturdy Structure , 1 Yr nationwide warranty. We provide customization of Tunnels Also. The products are Modestly Luxurious  with a speedy supply system (SSS) .

     Sanitizing Tunnel / Chamber, helps in eliminating virus and other pathogens on a person’s surface as he/she passes through the chamber, using disinfecting chemicals.

    Objective: - To sanitize people before and after they enter any protected premises.

    Applications: - Hospitals/ R&D establishments, Government offices, Police/ Essential services offices, Shopping malls/Areas, Residential Complexes, Religious Places, Clinics and other areas.

    Information of Sanitizing Tunnel: -We Kumar & Associates have prepared 20 Plus Innovative Models of Sanitizing Tunnel to satisfy the client needs We Manufacture modestly Luxurious Products like Sanitizing tunnels, Container Home, Office Container, Café Containers, Pre-engineered Buildings.

    Working: - Simple Components create a sanitization chamber which sprays a mist of disinfectant on the person walking through the chamber.

    Care should be taken to walk slowly through the chamber so that the entire body and clothes etc. get fully covered with the mist.



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