Residential Design

Tired Of Boring Old Traditional Homes?

We bring you modular, eco-friendly, and plug-&-play shipping container homes that are a modern solution to living spaces. With customized attributes, seamless appearance, extended service life, and low maintenance, container homes are the solution to living problems.


Looking For An Affordable Office Workspace?

You need not worry anymore, for we provide the best, amazing, and high-grade portable constructs for offices with high-quality materials. These are manufactured using premium quality raw material and advanced


Presenting innovative hospital containers that are durable, portable, and made of tough steel. These modular hospital containers are resistant to climatic conditions and manufactured with engineering excellence & prowess. These are a viable resource & offer perfect medical facility or equipment storage space with extremely robust features.

  • Meet & Agree
  • Idea & Concept
  • Design & Create
  • Build & Install

Kumar and Associates, the industry trailblazers, provide easy and rapid installation services, excellent quality materials, and long-lasting products. Our team performs stringent quality checks on raw materials, designs, and constructions while keeping a careful eye on sustainability and environmental lifespan.

Regardless of your decision, we aim to create a space for you that you actually deserve and desire; our staff will do everything possible to help you and direct you away from typical mistakes and straight towards success.

Our entire manufacturing and installation process is backed by a robust engineering team that has helped in successfully executing the projects at various terrains setting new benchmarks in the industry. Our teams’ culture of integrity and professionalism, competence, industry expertise, and extensive research ensure best practices for planning, designing, and building your container house or structure. This makes the whole process transparent, from defining a project budget and laying the groundwork to final delivery, supply, and installation.

All of this has enabled Kumar and Associates to efficiently finish several projects while bringing the finest quality workmanship to the construction of premium, exquisite container homes.