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The concept of second homes has always been around, though often restricted to the extremely affluent. It is this class that could afford to have a home away from home, for vacationing or for an occasional weekend relaxation.

But lately, the concept appears to have gained widespread acceptance.

Today, the pace of life has become such that everyone craves and needs that relaxation of the mind in terms of getting out of your current life; which is a routine of going to office and going home.

While relaxation in the city means going to a movie or going for dinner, unfortunately there are no more avenues left for the same in the city. So the answer would definitely be yes. And yes to the extent where it isn't just a dream but a reality, where a person can put aside maybe Rs 30, 40, 50 lakhs towards something he feels will be beneficial for his daily life and something for families to enjoy in terms of bonding times and things like that.

Shahapur [on the outskirts of Mumbai], which are second home destinations, is a place where now every week people going for second home at shahpur Shahapur will become big. So, these destinations were our second home destinations. But, within 5 to 20 years these will become first homes. So there is a transition that takes place and this transition has already begun.


"AAJA HILLOCKS " Sakurli - Dehene road, Near Aaja parvat , shahapur , Dist Thane 421601

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