Isolation Ward

The serious global upheaval of coronavirus has led us to create an ultimate solution that adds to the public value- Isolation Wards.
Isolation Wards can be used in the case of a medical emergency such as a coronavirus, and this container may be transformed into a hospital, operating theatre, or isolation ward.
We at Kumar and Associates have the capacity of manufacturing isolation wards for 200 persons.
The isolation ward containers manufactured by us are portable and liftable, and these can be easily shifted from one location to the other as per the requirement. 1-4 patients can use a single isolation ward by simply providing separate entries and partitions.
Another category of isolation wards manufactured by us are fixed and pre-fabricated structures. These are developed in pre-fabricated structures, modular designs and are usually used for numerous individuals for isolation at a single location. However, these containers can be separated into different wards for individual patients.The isolation ward or structure consists of a doctor’s cabin, conference room, and toilet block. Our skilled craftsmen manufacture these eye-pleasing isolation wards using the latest technology. Moreover, these are affordable and comfortable.
Kumar and Associates is a well-known manufacturer of prefabricated covid health care center sheds, covid isolation wards, covid isolation rooms, and steel prefabricated isolation wards.
These get ready quickly within a short span of time, can be easily installed and used for various applications. Moreover, the wards can be completely tailored, made to measure as per the clients and sites need. Our team will help you choose the perfect size and style to suit your needs.