Pre Engineering Buildings

A pre-engineered building is a structure-based building that is manufactured by the company.
The building industry has evolved in order to help protect the earth from further deterioration of the atmosphere. Steel is recyclable; it can be utilised for a variety of additional applications, including the construction of new infrastructure or the transformation of existing infrastructure. The steel and PUF Panel manufactured company deliver to the site and bolt together to erect a building.
We at Kumar and Associates make sure to deliver cost-effective and customer-oriented solutions for steel buildings that are crafted using the highest standards. Our company aims to offer complete support, enhanced technology to pre-engineered steel buildings- with a myriad of applications including warehouses, factories, high rise buildings, oil and gas structures etc.
Our team and professionals not only deliver the pre-engineered structures, but their skill and expertise are renowned for providing alluring designs. This is combined with the supreme quality material that is used in manufacturing buildings.