Water ATM

Water ATM is a revolutionising technology that has flowed through the barriers and connected those who needed it the most. Water ATM is a concept for an economically viable and energy independent distributed system of drinking water. Today, thousands of Water ATMs are installed, with the concept itself taking root deeply and firmly.
These are helpful water dispensing units, which provides people with safe and clean water access 24×7. These are solar-powered and cloud-connected, with a remote tracking facility of water quality and payment on each usage.
Children elderly are vulnerable to water-borne diseases, especially in remote or village areas; this technology has been a boon for all and eliminated all the concerns.
This water ATM has quenched their thirst and improved the health of the people by providing them with clean water free of impurities.
Kumar and Associates guarantee to serve its customers and citizens of the country with high-end quality water ATMs that are reliable, safe and upright.